Verona City of Love


Verona is a city of many layers, where ancient Romans, medieval nobles, Venetian signori, Napoleon, and Austrian Hapsburgs, have woven a rich tapestry of art, architecture, and history throughout its urban fabric. The city’s great appeal lies in the fact that, from its historic center to the banks of the Adige River, it is both a bustling, modern northern Italian city and a living testament to Verona’s glorious past.

Verona is also the city of love
The legend of Romeo and Juliet is a dream, just as love itself  is a dream.
Verona lives inside a delightful dream which floats delicately through the ancient squares and the shady lanes and courtyards. Here one can easily imagine the stories, characters and events of the past.
Here the spirit of Juliet is in the air.
The illusion of a pure and unblemished love that survives the test of time is part  of the magic of the dream.
Legend or reality, is a day-dream that we invite all lovers to live with us…

With its magical romantic atmosphere, Verona day after day performs its role as the city of love, and it looks forward to welcoming within its walls the most beautiful love stories.

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