Juliette Testimony event from the atelier Art Poli


The ideas take shape in the atelier, where the raw material is shaped to man’s will, where experience is the bridge to join passion with knowledge to create real masterpieces. By working with different materials and techniques, the Progetto Arte Poli studio is as versatile as any of the ancient renaissance workshops, where the artist and his assistants ably moved between glassware, painting and sculpture.


Before becoming a project, each work is born from a fee- ling, from an intuition that is then transferred as a drawing onto paper and then shaped by the able artist’s hands in the ma- terial, who creates and lives the work as it grows.


Albano Poli began his long career more than fifty years ago. Initially he restored or reproduced church windows and then gradually, over the years, thanks to his great manual skill and creative genius, he began designing windows with his own style. Works of art which are new and different each single time, fully appreciated by their admirers for their precious materials, precision techniques and, often, for their abstraction. Maestro Poli’s creativity soon meant that he was surrounded with professionals and craftsmen who, together with him, grew with the same awareness experimenting new artistic expressions.


Maestro Albano Poli, with all his great skills, began his work alone but he was soon joined by his son Paolo beginning a journey together that led to opening a design studio where their ideas are thrown into the melting pot and are compared, revised and corrected until they reach their final, essential but ever complete outcome.

Statua Giulietta Bronzo