Monaco 2013

Monaco MenuThe Gala Romeo and Juliet "From Verona with Love", was held Saturday, October 26 at the Hotel Hermitage in Monaco, under the auspices of the city of Verona and the Italian Embassy in Monaco.

For the first time in the Principality of Monaco, the Veneto Region organized within the framework of a gastronomic and cultural tour, a dinner in tribute to the emblematic icon of Verona in the world, Juliette. For the occasion, a bronze statue was made by Progetto Arte Poli - Verona. This statue accompanies each event "Gala Romeo and Juliet - From Verona with Love" in the world.

Over 200 guests feasted on delicacies prepared by the chefs of the Hotel Hermitage, under the direction of the chef Natale Spinelli and the pastry chef, Davide Dall'Omo.. The menu consisted of typical Veronese specialties, made ​​with ingredients from the territory and executed respecting the local traditions. The various dishes were accompanied by excellent wines from producers Allegrini, Sandro Bruno, Al Castello e Gastaldia.

During the evening, to evoke love and the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet, two classical dancers performed four pas de deux "Romeo and Juliet" with choreography by Alain L-Jacquet.

The highlight of the evening was the kiss of Romeo and Juliet, inspired by Shakespeare, performed by actors of the Teatro Stabile - Verona.

The Gala Romeo and Juliet "from Verona with Love" was an outpouring of generosity from donors who gave to Verona gifts. The Assessor of tourism and economic activities Enrico Corsi, decided to redistribute the gifts to the association "The Children for Peace". The Vice President Lamia Khashoggi and the president of the association, Debra Mace, were sensitive for the gesture and they will organize soon in Monaco a lottery with items offered by the city of Verona, to collect funds to support the activities of the association.

During the evening, the announcement of the project of the creation of the Rose "Giulietta" was made. Louisette Levy Soussan Azzoaglio, guest of honor, received a bronze symbolizing the birth of the Rose project. Rosanna Carteri, classical soprano singer, received a rose bouquet for her prestigious career.

The evening was concluded with the music of DJ Andrea Mendoza, the official DJ of the prestigious Club Billionaire.

The Gala Romeo and Juliet "From Verona with Love" in Monaco, was the first step of a world tour to promote the city of Verona. The next gala will take place in Russia, China, Mexico, Finland, Germany and England.

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